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Welcome to JJROCA, SAS ("The best catering solution in the Caribbean"). Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we handle your personal data, why we collect it, what we do with it, who we share it with, how we protect it and your choices about how we treat it.

This policy applies to the processing of your personal data collected by the company for the provision of its services. If you agree you are accepting how we will treat your personal data as defined in the privacy policy.


Company Name: JJROCA, SAS
Trade Name: JJROCA, SAS
Tax ID (RNC): 101-15102-1
Registered Office: International Airport Las Americas José Francisco Peña Gómez (AILA-JFPG).

Key Principles

We have always been committed to providing our services with the highest degree of quality, including treating your data with security and transparency. Our principles are:

Lawfulness: We will only collect your personal data for specified explicit and legitimate purposes.

Data minimization: We limit the collection of personal data to the strictly relevant and necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

Data security: We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures proportional to the risks to ensure that your data is not damaged, such as unauthorized disclosure or access, accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss or alteration and any other form of unlawful processing.

Access and rectification: We have the means for you to access or rectify your data whenever you consider it appropriate.

Collection and processing of your personal data

The types of data that may be requested and processed are:

Data of an identifying nature.

To provide information, services, products, relevant information, and news.

Sending communications

On the other hand, we automatically collect data about your visit to our website as described in the cookie policy. Whenever we request your personal data, we will inform you clearly what personal data we collect and for what purpose.

Your rights

The protection of personal data is a fundamental right contained in Art. 44.2 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, which states that: "Everyone has the right to access information and data about him or her or his or her property in official or private records, as well as to know the destination and use made of them, with the limitations established by law. The treatment of personal data and information or their assets must be done respecting the principles of quality, legality, loyalty, security, and purpose. It may be requested before the competent judicial authority the updating, opposition to the processing, rectification or destruction of any information that illegitimately affects their rights".

In relation to the collection and processing of your personal data, you can contact us at any time to:

Access to your personal data and any other information.

Rectify your personal data that is inaccurate or incomplete.

Delete your personal data.

Limit the processing of your personal data.

If you have granted your consent for any specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw the consent granted at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing based on the prior consent. You may exercise these rights by sending a motivated communication to

You also have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority if you consider that the processing does not comply with current regulations.

On the other hand, we automatically collect data about your visit to our website as described in the cookie policy. Whenever we request your personal data, we will inform you clearly what personal data we collect and for what purpose.

Legal Information

The requirements of this Policy supplement, and do not supersede, any other requirements existing under applicable data protection law, which shall prevail in any event.

This Policy is subject to periodic review and may be amended by the company at any time. When this occurs, we will notify you of any changes and ask you to re-read the most recent version of our Policy and confirm your acceptance.


    Opción 1
    Tortilla de Huevo Simple / Papas Hash Brown
    Ragout de Hongos

    Opción 2
    Tortilla Española / Zucchini a la Parrilla / Tomates Salteados
    Opción 3
    Tortilla de Huevo con espinaca / Lonja de Salami Genoa
    Hongos Salteados

    Opción 4
    Huevos Revueltos con Tomates & Puerro  / Tocineta
    Lonja de Queso Cheddar / Cebolla & Pimientos Salteados

    Opción 5
    Huevos Revueltos / Salsa Pico de Gallo / Queso Mozzarella
    Frijoles Frito / Puerro Fino
    Opción 6
    Pancake / Piña Caramelizada / Nueces / Arandano Deshidratado
    Opción 7
    Pancake de Manzana / Manzana Caramelizada
    Opción 8
    Crepe de Guineo / Nutela / Nueces / Arandano Deshidratado
    Opción 9
    Ragout de Hongos / Papas Lionesas / Espinaca y Cebolla Salteada
    Opción 1
    Tortilla de Maíz / Base de Lechuga Romana
    Jamón de Pechuga de Pavo Ahumado / Lonja de Queso Emmenthal
    Rodaja de Tomate / Vinagreta de Mostaza y Mayonesa

    Opción 2
    Tortilla de Maíz / Pechuga de Pollo / Lonja de Queso Mozzarella
    Dados de tomate / Mantequilla Líquida

    Opción 3
    Crepe de Pollo Guisado / Mixto de Pimientos Salteados
    Opción 4
    Wrap de Pollo Cacciatore & Plátano Maduro
    Cebolla & Pimientos Salteados

    Opción 5
    Pan Hamburguesa / Pechuga de Pollo / Lonja de Queso Mozzarella
    Mantequilla Líquida / Salsa de Miel y Mostaza
    Opción 6
    Pan Pretzel / Carne de Hamburguesa Angus / Lonja de Queso Cheddar
    Cebolla Caramelizada
    Opción 7
    Pan Focaccia Panini / Base de Lechuga Romana / Jamón de Pechuga de Pavo / Queso Manchego / Rodaja de Tomate / Mantequilla con Ajo
    Opción 8
    Pan Ciabatta / Roast Beef / Queso Provolone en Lonja
    Mantequilla Líquida

    Opción 1
    Pechuga de Pollo Rellena de Hongos / Cremosa Salsa de Pera
    Guisantes Salteados / Rodajas de Papas Gratinadas
    Pimiento Amarillo Salteado

    Opción 2
    Pechuga de Pollo Rellena de Plátano Maduro
    Salsa Cacciatore / Papa Torneada / Zucchini a la Parrilla

    Opción 3
    Pechuga de Pollo, Tomate y Mozzarella
    Cremosa Salsa Demi Glace / Mixto de de Arroz Salvaje y Blanco
    Espinaca y Cebolla Salteadas

    Opción 4
    Filete de Res a la Parrilla / Cremosa Salsa Dijon
    Rodajas de Papas Gratinadas / Pimiento Amarillo Salteado
    Pimiento Rojo Salteado

    Opción 5
    Filete de Res a la Parrilla / Salsa de Pimienta Verde
    Pastel de Papa / Gisantes / Palito de Zanahoria
    Opción 6
    Filete de Res a la Parrilla / Roseta de Mantequilla Sobre el Filete
    Papa Asada y Perejil / Ratatouille de Vegetales
    Opción 7
    Costillas de Res Sin Hueso / Salsa de Romero / Arroz Calypso
    Opción 8
    Filete de Cerdo a la Parrilla / Salsa Demi-Glace con Hongos
    Mixto de Arroz Salvaje y Blanco / Mixto de Pimientos Salteado
    Opción 9
    Salmon / Salsa de Limón y Mantequilla de Eneldo
    Cuñas de Papa Salteadas / Espinaca y Cebolla Salteadas
    Rodaja de  Limón
    Opción 10
    Salmon / Salsa de Naranja y Jengibre / Espárragos Salteados
    Zanahoria Torneada
    Opción 11
    Corvina / Concasse de Tomate / Papa Torneada Salteada
    Zanahoria Torneada Salteada / Zucchini Torneado Salteado
    Opción 12
    Filete de Mero a la Plancha / Papas Duquesa / Salsa Meuniere
    Zanahoria Torneada Salteada / Zucchini Torneado Salteado
    Espárragos Verdes
    Opción 13
    Tuna a la Plancha / Salsa Meuniere / Papa Asada y Perejil
    Zanahoria en Dados
    Opción 14
    Camarones / Salsa al Ajillo / Espárragos Salteados
    Zanahoria Torneada
    Opción 15
    Asopao de Camarones / Cuñas de Plátanos Maduros
    Opción 16
    Arroz Negro con Calamar / Camarones Salteados
    Aceite de Oliva con Ajo
    Opción 17
    Ravioli Jumbo de Queso / Concasse de Tomate / Albahaca
    Queso Parmesano en Lascas
    Opción 18
    Ravioli de Espinaca / Cremosa Salsa Pesto
    Espinaca y Cebolla Salteadas
    Opción 19
    Pasta Manicotti con Queso / Salsa Bechamel con Espinaca
    Opción 20
    Caracoles Jumbo con Queso / Salsa Italiana
    Opción 1
    Jamón Prosciutto / Endivias / Zucchini a la Parrilla
    Espinaca Baby / Aceituna Negra / Lechuga Roja
    Pimiento Rojo en Juliana / Vinagreta Balsámica

    Opción 2
    Lechuga Rizada Verde / Ensalada de Quinoa
    Mozzarella con Prosciutto

    Opción 3
    Filete Chateaubriand / Queso Parmesano en Lascas
    Lechuga Roja / Lechuga Rizada Verde / Tomate Deshidratado
    Rugula / Pimiento Amarillo en Juliana / Cuña de Tomate
    Media Aceituna Negra / Vinagreta Italiana con Tomate
    Opción 4
    Ensalada de Roast Beef / Pimiento Rojo en Juliana / Pimiento Verde en Juliana / Lechuga Rizada Verde / Aguacate
    Opción 5
    Camarones Marinados / Zucchini a la Parrilla / Cuña de Tomate
    Lechuga Roja / Espinaca Baby / Corazón de Palmito / Endivias
    Aderezo de Miel y Mostaza

    Opción 6
    Lechuga Roja / Espinaca Baby / Camarones Marinados
    Ensalada de Aguacate / Cuña de Limón
    Pimiento Rojo en Juliana

    Opción 7
    Frutas & Pimientos Marinados / Camarones Marinados
    Lonja de Salmón Ahumado / Puerro Fino

    Opción 8
    Jamón de Pechuga de Pato / Cuña de Melón Cantaloupe
    Tarta de Aguacate con Salmon / Pepino Picado

    Opción 9
    Lonja de Salmón Ahumado / Queso Crema
    Pimiento Rojo en Juliana / Tomate Deshidratado / Espiral de Limón
    Alcaparra / Ramita de Eneldo

    Opción 10
    Lechuga Romana / Tuna con Limón y Aceite Oliva
    Ensalada de Aguacate / Ramita de Perejil / Rodaja Tomate Cherry
    Pimiento Rojo en Juliana / Pimiento Verde en Juliana
    Salsa Pesto / Cuña de Limón

    Opción 11
    Ceviche de Mero / Abanico de Mango / Espinaca Baby
    Cuña de Limón / Salsa de Mango & Piña

    Opción 12
    Lechuga Rizada Verde / Lechuga Romana / Queso Ricotta
    Dados de Tomate / Pimienta Negra Molida

    Opción 13
    Lechuga Roja / Zucchini a la Parrilla / Berenjena a la Parrilla
    Zanahoria en Rodaja  / Pimiento Rojo Picado / Aceituna Negra

    • Mouse de Dulce de Leche
    • Mouse de Chocolate y Vainilla
    • Mousse de Chocolate
    • Mousse de Chinola
    • Tarta de Chocolate
    • Brownie de Chocolate Chip
    • Cheesecake Tiramisú
    • Cheesecake de mango
    • Cheesecake de Guayaba
    • Cheesecake de Frambuesa
    • Agua Mineral / Agua Tónica / Agua Carbonatada
    • Jugos
    • Coca Cola / Coca Cola de Dieta / Sprite
    • Cerveza
    • Vino Blanco / Vino Tinto / Espumantes
    Opción 1
    Queso Manchego / Queso Camembert / Uva Roja 
    Opción 2
    Triangulo de Queso Gouda Ahumado /  Cuña de Queso Cheddar / Triangulo de Queso Emmenthal
    Uva Roja  / Hojas de Menta

    Opción 3
    Albaricoque Deshidratado / Queso Havarti con Eneldo / Queso Manchego
    Queso de Cabra

    Opción 4
    Queso Havarti con Eneldo / Queso de Cabra / Queso Asiago
    Barra de Guayaba / Ramita de Perejil

    Opción 5
    Base de Lechuga Romana / Jamón de Pechuga de Pollo / Jamón York
    Queso Provolone /  Medio Tomate Cherry / Ramita de Perejil

    Opción 6
    Jamón Prosciutto / Jamón York / Queso de Cabra / Queso Asiago
    Jamón de Pechuga de Pavo / Ramita de Perejil
    Option 1
    Plain Omelette / Hash Browns
    Mushroom Ragou

    Option 2
    Potato Omelette / Grilled Zucchini / Sauteed Tomatos
    Option 3
    Spinach Omelette / Genoa Salami Slice
    Sauteed Mushrooms

    Option 4
    Scrambled Eggs w/ Tomatos & Chive / Bacon
    Cheddar Cheese Slice / Sauteed Onion & Peppers

    Option 5
    Scrambled Eggs / Pico de Gallo Sauce
    Mozzarella Cheese
    Refried Beans / Chive
    Option 6
    Pancake / Caramelized Pineapple / Walnuts
    Dried Cranberry
    Option 7
    Apple Pancake / Caramel Apple
    Option 8
    Banana Crepe / Nutella / Walnut / Dried Cranberry
    Option 9
    Mushroom Ragout / Lyonnaise Potatoes
    Sauteed Spinach & Onion

    Option 1
    Chicken Breast Stuffed w/ Mushrooms / Creamy Pear Sauce
    Sautéed Snap Peas / Gratin Potato Slices
    Sautéed Yellow Pepper

    Option 2
    Chicken Breast Stuffed w/ Sweet Plantain / Cacciatore Sauce
    Tourned Potato / Grilled Zucchini

    Option 3
    Chicken Breast, Tomato & Mozzarella
    Creamy Demi Glace Sauce / Wild & White Rice Mixed
    Sautéed Spinach & Onion

    Option 4
    Grilled Beef Fillet Steak / Creamy Dijon Sauce
    Gratin Potato Slices / Sautéed Yellow Pepper
    Sautéed Red Pepper

    Option 5
    Grilled Beef Fillet Steak / Green Pepper Sauce
    Potato Cakes / Snap Peas / Carrot Stick
    Option 6
    Grilled Beef Fillet Steak / Butter Rosette on the Fillet
    Roasted Potato & Parsley / Vegetables Ratatouille
    Option 7
    Boneless Beef Ribs / Rosemary Sauce
    Calypso Rice / Snap Peas
    Option 8
    Grilled Pork Loin / Demi Glace Sauce w/ Mushrooms
    Wild & White Rice Mixed / Sauteed Peppers Mixed
    Option 9
    Salmon / Lemon & Dill Butter Sauce
    Sauteed  Potato Wedges / Sautéed Spinach & Onion
    Lemon Slice
    Option 10
    Salmon / Orange Ginger Sauce / Sauteed Asparagus
    Tourned Carrot
    Option 11
    Corvina / Tomato Concasser / Sauteed Turned Potato
    Sauteed Turned Carrot / Sauteed Turned Zucchini
    Option 12
    Grilled Grouper Fillet / Duchess Potatoes / Meuniere Sauce
    Sauteed Turned Carrot / Sauteed Turned Zucchini
    Green Asparagus
    Option 13
    Grilled Tuna / Meuniere Sauce / Roasted Potato & Parsley
    Carrot Dice
    Option 14
    Shrimps / Garlic Sauce / Sauteed Asparagus
    Tourned Carrot
    Option 15
    Shrimps Asopao / Sweet Plantain Wedges
    Option 16
    Rice Squid / Sauteed Shrimps
    Olive Oil w/ Garlic
    Option 17
    Jumbo Cheese Ravioli / Tomato Concasser / Basil
    Shaved Parmesan Cheese
    Option 18
    Spinach Ravioli / Creamy Pesto Sauce
    Sauteed Spinach & Onion
    Option 19
    Pasta Manicotti Cheese / Bechamel Sauce w/ Spinach
    Option 20
    Jumbo Shell Cheese / Italian Sauce
    Option 1
    Wrap / Romaine Lettuce Base
    Smoked Turkey Breast Ham / Emmenthal Cheese Slice
    Tomato Slice / Mustard & Mayonnaise Vinaigrette

    Option 2
    Wrap / Chicken Breast / Mozzarella Cheese Slice
    Tomato Dice / Liquid Butter

    Option 3
    Stewed Chicken Crepe / Sauteed Peppers Mixed
    Option 4
    Chicken Cacciatore & Sweet Plantain Wrap
    Sauteed Onion & Peppers

    Option 5
    Hamburger Roll / Chicken Breast / Mozzarella Cheese Slice
    Liquid Butter / Honey Mustard Sauce
    Option 6
    Pretzel Bun / Angus Burger / Cheddar Cheese Slice
    Caramelized Onions
    Option 7
    Focaccia Panini / Romaine Lettuce Base / Turkey Breast Ham
    Manchego Cheese / Tomato Slice / Butter Garlic
    Option 8
    Ciabatta Sandwich Bread / Roast Beef / Provolone Cheese  Slice
    Liquid Butter

    Option 1
    Manchego Cheese / Camembert Cheese / Red Grape
    Option 2
    Smoked Gouda Triangle Cheese / Cheddar Cheese Wedge
    Emmenthal Triangle Cheese
    Red Grape / Mint Leaf

    Option 3
    Dried Apricot / Havarti Cheese w/ Dill / Manchego Cheese
    Goat Cheese

    Option 4
    Havarti Cheese w/ Dill / Goat Cheese / Asiago Cheese
    Guava Paste / Sprig Parsley

    Option 5
    Romaine Lettuce Base / Half  Cherry Tomato/ York Ham
    Provolone Cheese / Half  Cherry Tomato / Sprig Parsley

    Option 6
    Prosciutto Ham / York Ham / Goat Cheese / Asiago Cheese
    Turkey Breast Ham / Sprig Parsley
    Option 1
    Prosciutto Ham / Endivies / Grilled Zucchini
    Baby Spinach / Black Olive /Red Lettuce
    Julienne Red Pepper / Balsamic Vinaigrette

    Option 2
    Curly Green Lettuce / Quinoa Salad
    Mozzarella Prosciutto

    Option 3
    Chateaubriand Fillet / Shaved Parmesan Cheese
    Red Lettuce / Curly Green Lettuce / Dried Tomato
    Arugula / Julienne Yellow Pepper / Tomato Wedge
    Half Black Olive / Italian Vinagrette Tomato
    Option 4
    Roast Beef Salad / Julienne Red Pepper / Julienne Green Pepper
    Curly Green Lettuce / Avocado
    Option 5
    Marinated Shrimps / Grilled Zucchini / Tomato Wedge
    Red Lettuce / Baby Spinach / Heart of Palm / Endives
    Honey Mustard Dressing

    Option 6
    Red Lettuce / Baby Spinach / Marinated Shrimps
    Avocado Salad / Lemon Wedge
    Julienne Red Pepper

    Option 7
    Marinated Fruit & Peppers / Marinated Shrimps
    Smoked Salmon Slice / Chive

    Option 8
    Duck Breast Ham / Cantaloupe Wedge
    Avocado Tartar w/ Salmon / Chopped Cucumber

    Option 9
    Smoked Salmon Slice / Cream Cheese
    Julienne Red Pepper / Dried Tomato / Lemon Spiral
    Capers / Sprig Dill

    Option 10
    Romaine Lettuce / Tuna w/ Lemon & Olive Oil
    Avocado Salad / Sprig Parsley / Cherry Tomato Slice
    Julienne Red Pepper / Julienne Green Pepper
    Pesto Sauce / Lemon Wedge

    Option 11
    Grouper & Vegetables Cocktail / Mango Fan / Baby Spinach
    Lemon Wedge / Mango & Pineapple Sauce

    Option 12
    Curly Green Lettuce / Romaine Lettuce / Ricotta Cheese
    Tomato Dice / Ground Black Pepper

    Option 13
    Red Lettuce / Grilled Zucchini / Grilled Eggplant
    Carrot Slice / Chopped Red Pepper / Black Olive

    • Sweet Milk Mousse
    • Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse
    • Chocolate Mousse
    • Passion Fruit Mousse
    • Chocolate Tart
    • Chocolate Chip Brownie
    • Tiramisu Cheesecake
    • Mango Cheesecake
    • Guava Cheesecake
    • Raspberry Cheesecake
    • Mineral  Water / Tonic Water / Water Carbonated
    • Juices
    • Coca Cola / Diet Coke / Sprite
    • Beer
    • White Wine / Red Wine / Sparkling